7 Tips to Write Product Descriptions That Entice Prospective Leads

When it comes to selling your product, persuasion plays a major role. Product description is a means by which you can persuade your buyers to click on the “buy” button. Most importantly, these product descriptions should necessarily speak about what your product offers and how it will benefit you and not just describe it and narrate its functions. 3 most important steps that will boost the sale of your products essentially encompass engaging the buyers, persuading them, and finally convincing them to try it out.

  • Define your client

While writing a description for your product, it is important to keep in mind your client. The best way to do is to opt for the ‘buyer persona’ method, in which you sell your product to an imaginary buyer. He is basically your target audience. It is important for you to know what makes him crib, what makes him cry and be ecstatic or sigh in disbelief. Most importantly, you should also know the thinking process of this imaginary client and what will drive him to buy your product and be convinced to hit the ‘buy button’. In other words, you should know how to delve deeper into his thinking process and think the way he does.

  • Draw up a list of specifications and uses

It is generally thought that when you sell a product, what clients look out for prior to deciding about it are the specifications and features. But in reality that is not the case. What attracts them even more is how your product will benefit them and better their lives. How will using your product do away with their troubles and benefit them? These are few aspects that you need to address while writing description for your product.

  • Your voice tone matters

An amalgamation of seriousness and humor can work wonders. If you sound like a hardcore vendor trying your luck on the virtual world to sell your products, chances are, you will not get many clients. But if you add a dash of humor and friendly tone to your product description, it can work miracles for your business.

  • Allow customers to scan product details

Online shoppers have very less attention span. So, it is best to draw up a format that can be scanned by your prospective clients. In this way, you allow them to go through each feature and benefit of your product at their own pace. In order to make the new format effective, incorporate sub headings, give bulleted points, a bigger font and support what you say with images and videos. Also, make the navigation easy and user friendly.

  • Drafting is important

You can prepare a draft of your product details only if you are well aware of your customer’s perception of your product and what he expects out of the same. Writing content for your stuff becomes much easier if you are well aware of the behavior of your target audience. Highlight the benefits and also rank each parameter that rates your product honestly and in a logical sequence. If you have too many features to write about, start off with the features of greater importance followed by less significant features. Another factor that you must keep in mind is that if your product is expensive, you will have to convince your clients why it is so and why they should invest in your product. In this regard, you will have to convincingly point out what value for money the customers enjoy.

  • Change persuasive content frequently

Once you are done with the draft, now it is time to make the final copy of your product or rather the content. Prior to making your content live, there are few things that you need to take into account. These essentially include- reviewing the benefits of your products, assessing the interactivity of your content and how it connects with your target audience, making the content readable and lucid, be more specific and avoid sentences or words that appears vague and unclear. The most important part about your content is persuasiveness. Incorporate the persuasive factor that will make your product sell easily. It is also important to change content from time to time. This is because even you would not like to see the same content over and over again when you visit a particular website. Customers prefer to browse or go through websites where the content is updated on a regular basis.

  • Make your product detail SEO friendly

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be employed to make your product description but remember if you have to clutter your content with keywords; the purpose of writing a persuasive description will perhaps not be met. To make the best use of SEO for your product promotion through digital marketing, use appropriate images for your products. Also, use the right set of keywords or key phrases in the title and meta descriptions. Make sure you are aware of the keywords with which your customers search for products like yours. Once you know how the visitors and prospective leads behave while navigating your products, it will be easier to adopt your SEO strategies in an effective manner. According to experts, it is always a wise move to write for your clients and then for the search engines.

One of the most important aspects that you can keep in mind while writing product description is by placing yourself in the shoes of your buyer. Put an effort to convey to your clients that using your product will make the life of your clients simpler and easier. Specifications and features are 2 aspects that is not always important for you to lay stress on and not one that you should leave out totally also. Strike a balance in this regard. Instead, highlight how the product will make life of your client gratifying. Also, it is best to avoid beating around the bush. Be straightforward in your product description and in the process try to make it alluring that will convince your prospective leads to hit that “buy” button. 

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