11 Important Elements of a Prologue for a Kindle Chart

With thousands of e-books craving for attention of readers, it becomes difficult even for the best of the books to remain on the top place on the Kindle charts for long. Most importantly, what matters is how many visitors actually become buyers at the end of the day. But one way of conquering the Kindle chart on the virtual world is to write an attractive book description that will speak for itself. Essentially, there are 3 aspects that you need to pay heed to. They are -

  1. Make people take a glance at your book page
  2. Convert these online readers to prospective customers
  3. Compel them to read your books again and again

As experts have said, aside from the above, there is another way you can make buyers pour in to buy your books and also remain in the top places and that is by writing an effective and enticing book description, the so called ‘conversion factor’ that has been instrumental in converting online readers into prospective book buyers.

On several instances, it has been proved that an effective, well connecting book description has pushed the rank of e-books on the Kindle chart much higher. In fact, on such instances, the sale of books of respective authors with an excellent book description soared higher than expected in as little as 60 minutes. So, how do you make all this happen, how do you write a book description that will help you to remain on the top on the Kindle chart for weeks? This is what we have picked up as the topic of discussion in the write up that follows.

  • Pan out the subject

With a quick scan your reader should be able to know the kind of book you are offering, what the book is all about, and the storyline. The narration is vital and don’t forget to incorporate the crucial and vital elements of the story in the book description.

  • Use your own style

It is important to use the right genre while writing the description. Remember, every genre has certain norms that apply to them. In order to use the genre rightly, you can also refer to some good books with the appropriate genre and get an idea from the same.

  • Cite examples of other writers and books

In order to better explain the contents of the book in the description, you could also cite examples of authors as well as publishers that have written books on similar storyline. In this way, the reader will be prepared as to the kind of book he is investing in.

  • Focus on the subject matter rather than the author

It has been observed that book descriptions that focus on the contents rather than the author have gone down well with the readers and the potential buyers. Even if you have many accolades and awards to your credit as a writer, it is important that you cleverly avert mentioning the same and concentrate on the book instead and its subject matter. You can highlight and enlighten the audience with the storyline wisely.

  • First line should do the magic

The first line of the description should do the wonders. Unless you are able to use the first line as the ‘bait’, your readers will be gone forever. Tempting your readers in the very first line might appear challenging but experience and with a little trial and error method, you could keep a close watch on the sales graph of your book. Also, this line should convey the substance of the story effectively.

  • Don’t bother about the length of the description

Although, it is oftentimes said that you should not bother about the length of the description, yet the number of lines that explain your storyline matters. While few descriptions will have several sentences that strive hard to convince readers, you will come across many that will entice readers in just a couple of lines. So, size of the curtain raiser of the book does not really matter. However, it is best to exercise discretion in this regard.

  • Avert boredom

Boredom can cause your readers to move on to the next book on the Kindle. Each sentence of your book has to be a driving force that will convince and compel readers to read the entire book. Make the description appealing and one that readers will not want to miss.

  • Connect emotionally

Creating an emotional bridge with your audience is vital. It’s all about making them cry, laugh, and cringe. Allow your readers to know the kind of emotions they will experience while reading your book. Most importantly, the kind of words that you have used while writing about the genre matters. Use powerful words that will catch the sentiment of the readers and will also work as a precursor to the entire storyline of your book.

  • Refer to recommendations

Using quotes has always paid off. If you are aware of quotes and comments that your readers have bestowed upon you, make sure you use them in the book description neatly. However, if it is your near ones that have commented on your book, refrain from mentioning the relationship you share with the one that has quoted lines about your book. Make the quote appear as if it has come from a professional and not your family member.

  • Introduce your characters and their concerns

A story will inadvertently have characters comprising the main ones and the ones that play a less important role in the book. Introduce the main character and what role he plays in the book and also, how he influences the flow and sequence of the story in the book description carefully and intelligently.

  • Make the readers long for more

Your book description should be such that will allure your readers to go through the entire book. Complete the description that will leave the readers to wonder what happens next? Instill in the description a sense of intrigue and anticipation. Leave it incomplete, in the sense as if these few curtain raiser lines beckon the reader to go through the entire book.

The above elements have worked well for self publishers. However, you can constantly experiment with the book description and make changes when you think that you can do much better to make the sale figures of your books skyrocket. 

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