Terms & Conditions

This website is a comprehensive and exciting online platform service under the ownership of CopyVendor.com. All services and applications accessible through the website are property of the CopyVendor site. The reader would be advised to browse through terms and conditions with caution prior to using the website or any other service for that matter provided by CopyVendor.com. As a prospective client or user, it would be in your best interests that you be fully in understanding of the terms and conditions stated by the website before registering for an account. Therefore, you are advised to spend adequate time while going through the terms and conditions page.

Objective of this Website

The Copy Vendor website is an innovative business platform for users to place orders for articles, blogs, product reviews, webpage, or any other original and creative writing, text for banners, brochures, and such. A user can choose to order either rewritten text or original writing from scratch. $ represents United States dollar or USD as currency.

Modifications or Revisions in Terms and Conditions

The owner of the portal, CopyVendor.com reserves the right to modify or revise the terms and conditions page of the website at any given point in time without needing to provide any kind of prior notice. Any modifications made will be made effective immediately following the posting of the aforementioned changes. The consumers have the responsibility to check the terms and conditions page at regular intervals so that they don’t fall into any kind of misunderstanding or inconvenience as a consequence. The owners of the website have no obligation to intimate users or clients or prospective clients about modifications being made in advance.

Once you have reached our website, there are some aspects that you need to keep in perspective. These would include but are not exclusive to the following:

You are not permitted to modify any information, logo, or theme title present on the home page or any page of the website.

You are not permitted to misrepresent your relationship with the company. You are also not allowed to present any kind of fake or misleading information about the company.

You are not permitted to modify the logo or trademark present on the website without gaining written authorization from the company.

The writeup that you order should not be falling under a categorization that would be deemed to be offensive, hurting to an individual, organization, or country in any kind. Such text could affect our professional  standing beyond repair.

Each and every registration caters to one individual only and CopyVendor strictly prohibits distribution or sharing of user information such as password or username with a third party. 

Registration and Access to CopyVendor

We would like to inform readers that to facilitate access to all the company’s services, they would be required to generate an account on our website. We may require specific information for the creation of the account and this would include name, address, email, and other associated kinds of information. Registration is required to glean complete access to our services and products featured on the website.

Following registration, you will be required to confirm the email address, which is sent to the email address provided by you during registration. Your account is activated as soon as you click on the confirmation link from this email account. The whole process is designed so that even a user with just basic internet knowledge can easily create an account with us.

As mentioned earlier, CopyVendor holds all rights to deny or accept a registration. In rare cases, we may have to terminate the registration devoid of any prior notice. The reasons could be false information or other suspicious activity. As long as you maintain an honest exchange of information with us, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The registration process is hassle free. Services to users will be terminated with immediate effect in the event that the website owner decides to stop all operations.

Placing Your Order

As a client of CopyVendor you can place your order for a certain amount of text and provide specific instructions with regards to keywords, research, word count, or any other additional information you can provide to your account manager. The account manager will pass on your instructions to our writing team. It remains our sole responsibility to assign your work to a writer or professional who will best serve your requirements and deliver the quality you expect.

As a client of CopyVendor, you could request for rewrites and we assure you the highest quality rewrite of an article or blog post adding information that you may have provided. The word count of the rewrite delivered by us will be influenced by the source page that needs to be rewritten. It remains our primary objective to deliver the highest quality text within the shortest time span or a deadline agreed upon by both parties.

Any order that you place with us should not be in violation of the rights of a third party or external entity. This includes trademarks, moral rights services marks, copyrights, and other texts. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the order is devoid of any kind of obscene, degrading, slanderous, or libelous text. Any violation of the above conditions would result in the termination or suspension of membership and it would prove to be difficult for the user to access the services and products on offer from CopyVendor.com at any point in the future.

Terms of Approval or Rejection

As a client of CopyVendor, you hold the ultimate decision to accept or reject the writeup delivered by CopyVendor.com. In the unlikely scenario that you are not satisfied with any aspect of our services, you are entitled to request for revisions and/or enhancements. It remains our prime responsibility to provide the level of quality that you expect from us.

A client can reject the delivered writeup in the scenario where it fails to meet the stipulated criteria of the original order. In such a rare scenario, the client will be required to state with clarity the exact cause for rejection. The company takes on full responsibility to ensure that satisfactory service is given to the client. All rejections will be put under review. The account manager has the right to take the decision on whether the client is reasonable with its rejection and as the case may be, decide on whether the order can be charged. In the scenario where the client is not satisfied with the service, he/she has the right request for correction or enhancement of the text. To implement a free review, the client would be required to point out the point of rejection or the specific reasons for which the writeup does not meet the client’s requirements.  In case of rejection, the same needs to be intimated by the client within 72 hours, failing which the text will be considered approved and viable for charges.

We are constantly trying to better our quality standards and will never waver from doing so.  The quality of articles ordered by a client will be guaranteed by us. We also guarantee the following:

  • Written text will be as per the instructions provided by the client.
  • Write-ups will be devoid of spelling and grammar errors.
  • Write-ups will be devoid of any flow inconsistencies or readability issues.
  • All texts will be subjected to Copyscape to rule out plagiarism


CopyVendor awards all copyrights to the client following full payment for the order. The client is free to display, publish, sell, ad reproduce the articles in the form they wish once complete payment has been cleared with us.

All information featured on CopyVendor Website is the property of CopyVendor and is under protection of copyright rules. This includes everything from graphics, images, icons, video texts, software, streaming files, or any other literary work. Violation or infringement of copyright laws will be liable for legal charges.

All logos, service marks, and trademarks featured on CopyVendor website are under protection of international service and trademark laws. These service marks cannot be employed by any other entity without the permission of the owner of CopyVendor. All trademarks and service marks are property of CopyVendor. Entities who violate copyright laws will face immediate legal action.

Users are strictly prohibited from copying any kind of text featured on the CopyVendor website. As a user of the website, you are also restricted from redistributing, copying, or downloading any kind of text fonund on the website. Infringement of these rules will also result in swift legal action.

Users, existing clients, or prospective clients are prohibited from contacting our writers or editors for any kind of work directly. All queries and instructions will need to be passed on to your account manager who will relay the same to his team. Any violation of this rule is considered to be illegal and will be met with stern legal action.

The client will be charged for each and every piece of write-up that has been approved and the fee is calculated as per initial discussion. 

Get in Touch With Us

If you feel you need any further clarification with regards to our terms and conditions or you want more information about us, feel free to contact us through email at info@ copyvendor.com

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